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why we build castles on top of scrapyards

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

there are factors that affect our belief system and reactions that are deep into our subconscious. we are not even aware of many of these in full, but they are there, and our life is built on top of these.

it’s basically like building a massive castle on top of a hill that covers buried scrap material. it’s shaky to say the least.

it’s basically like building a massive castle on top of a hill that covers buried scrap material. it’s shaky to say the least. and whether you want it or not, it started taking shape well before you arrived in this world. it turns out that our experiences of the world shape not only our psyche but also our DNA.

Epigenetic Inheritance is a new concept that researchers have come up with in the last 10 years or so: some high impact experiences have actually an effect on our genes. and when your genes are forged by your experiences and passed on to the next generation, the same root experiences may condition your children even if they did not actually live the event themselves.

what your parents, grandparents, grand grand parents lived is a crucial part of who you are. literally.

scientists (will link up some sources below) have figured this out observing reactions to traumas of grandchildren of those who survived the holocaust. what it means is that a lot of what we react too is predicated on strong experiences that happened a long time ago.

I found this mesmerizing. it’s not enough that our upbringing messes up with our belief system, we actually have to cope with stuff that we have nothing to do with :O

and since we are not even aware in most cases, these things buried in our deep subconscious become hidden triggers of our thoughts, beliefs, reactions, and actions.

however, the flipside of the plasticity of our brains, genes, and psyche is that if we want, we can work on ourselves and reshape our lives with no limits.

I have now started to do sessions with a psychologist to delve deep into my belief system and get to the core of my fears and emotional limitations.

I don’t have problems that require treatment, but - pretty much as every human - there is a huge tangle of stuff lying in my subconscious that I want to unknot. I feel there is still a stigma in our society about this but I believe having this professional support is the same as having a personal trainer helping you getting in physical shape.

it takes work but it’s worth every second as it positively affects everything else in your life.

it’s really like if you built a multi-floor mansion on top of a hill and you discover later the hill is actually made of soil covering an old scrapyard. the mansion is your life, relationships, beliefs and consciousness, and the hill is your subconscious and inherited experiences.

after you have done all of your works to make every room in your mansion as you want, you realise the whole building is shaky. then you check the ground floor and figure there is a mess down there!

then you gotta decide whether you want to pretend the scrapyard is just fine and hope it won’t make the structure collapse or start the necessary works to fix the grounds.

working on it is one of the best things you can do for yourself and for everyone around you... and little by little your shacky hill will become a rock-solid mountain that sustains your mansion for your life and for generations to come.

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Some epigenetic inheritance studies:

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2018 article quoting some of the most recent studies on the subject https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theatlantic.com/amp/article/573055/

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