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why creatives can only embrace emotional ups and downs

if you are creating something that you want to put in the world, whether business or art, you are always going to face emotional ups and downs. and probably much more than other people who are working and executing something decided by someone else.

what is the big difference? if you create, success and validation do not come from a written formula nor from an institution and person who tell you what to do.

and if you are creating new things, it takes a lot of tests, learnings, and errors before you make things work. nobody is there to tell you what you should be doing exactly and you got to find the validation inside yourself.

compare it to when you are at school or working for someone else, and the script is very different: you have rules, guidelines and someone who gives you feedback. you succeed and feel validated so long as you follow the plan. I say this with respect and don’t think creating is better than working for an existing organization, they are just different things.

and here is the thing, these emotional highs and lows will never go away. they will always be there inside you. if you believe what you are trying to do is valuable, then you got to learn to trust your own choices and trust the process even when things don’t seemingly work (yet).

you will struggle and that is simply unavoidable. you can instead accept this as a natural part of the growth process and learn how to embrace the grind.

I personally faced this a lot in the last few weeks, as since May I doubled down the weekly time I invest into my music and my own business to approx 35 hours and still keep another job (~40 hours).

I found myself overwhelmed by the number of things I had committed to and struggled to see the big picture anymore. I was focusing too much on activities rather than outcomes. there weren’t immediate successes and there just wasn’t anyone else validating what I was doing.

I thought I had to suppress the lows and find a way to be always on a high note, but eventually figured out that the whole emotional rollercoaster is normal and will never go away.

and that’s why I reflected on the importance of embracing this as part of the journey. if you feel down and unsure of your path, think about your big picture and so long as you respect that, you’ll be strong enough to carry on. for sure.

for more life adventures and discoveries, you can check my blog be bad until you are good (link in comments below).

love and keep going, my friend,


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