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what you tell yourself is what creates your reality

Your belief system is what shapes the way you see the world, you interpret things and act accordingly.

Some people refer to the ‘Law of attraction’ as the force that helps people materialise outcomes they desire. I was amazed by this concept but I could not explain it rationally.

Well, it turns out that this ‘magic’ is actually based on a real biological system called Reticular Activating System (RAS). RAS is the filtering mechanism of your brain that allows you to focus and find what you need. Our subconscious processes million pieces of information every instant of our lives without us even noticing it (it’s called subconscious for a reason :) ). However our brain only focuses on a fraction of these (seems roughly up to 40), to prevent us from being constantly overstimulated and incapable of taking any purposeful action.

When you tell your mind you are capable of something, your brain will make sure to highlight any information that confirm this belief. This information can translate into opportunities that serve you.

Think about when you see a new pair of shoes that you like and suddenly you become aware of how many people wear those same shoes. Your conscious mind consider the shoes something important now and all of the sudden the world around you starts flashing out exactly what you are looking for.

It’s not magic, but it’s your RAS that is helping you focus on what you desire.

This process naturally applies to negative outcomes too: if you are convinced that you suck at mathematics, or that you can’t sing, or that you can’t make money or that the world is against you, there is no chance that you will see how you can actually make it all work, every day.

At some point in my life I realised how my belief systems was limiting me in so many ways. I was stuck, finishing my Master Degree in London, not being able to find a job, not being sure I had chosen the right path, not going anywhere with music. I was struggling to find time to make music and just could not see any light at the end of the tunnel. At some point I took an online course for producers with Mike Monday (links in resources section) that made me shift my mindset forever.

I went from being able to finish no more than 4 tracks per month to being able to do over 40. Before that mindset shift, nobody could have made me believe this was remotely possible. But, guess what - I installed a completely new belief and that changed my life.

I realised that it’s like if in every moment in your life you are shown millions of potential directions, and it’s up to your belief system and RAs to choose which ones you see. And thus if you point your belief system in the right direction, you can choose your direction and opportunities. Do you want to focus on every miserable thing that happens or to create the life you truly want?


If you want to start focusing on what creates the life you want, I have a small practical exercise that will be incredibly helpful. You’ll be visualising your perfect average day so that your subconscious will start filter information that serve you. I was introduced to this practice in Mike Monday’s course and been practicing few times a year since then. It’s CRAZY to look back at what I wanted four years ago and see how much of that actually materialised.

Your perfect average day:

  1. Pick pen and paper or a notebook, shut down any distraction and put a long playlist/recording that gets you in a good mood

  2. Think about your perfect average day in the future. It has to be average, and not something you will in special occasions. It kind of has to represent your normal average life. Pick 5 years from now, which is far enough to be scary but close enough for your vision to be close to you right now

  3. Write down the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning. Write down every single detail. Anything you can touch, see, feel, say. Focus on who you are with and the feelings. Don’t be afraid to write crazy stuff and don’t feel someone will judge it (no need to show it to anyone if you don’t want)

  4. Now write every other thing you do in your day. Like in the step before, don’t be afraid of writing details and feeling every single emotion your visualisation evokes. The more you feel good about it, the more you will be pulled toward it

  5. Write everything until the last thing you do at night before you go to sleep

  6. Don’t be afraid in getting lost in details, it is really worth! Don’t try to make it perfect at all, the form does not matter much so long as you can get the meaning clearly if you re-read it a second time

  7. Re read it and feel it. This is the most amazing part for me as you can really get emotional and it feels good!

I did it first time in 2014 and drew a picture of me living in a house with some very close friends I also run a business with. I would wake up and do some kind of physical exercise (sex or other kind), have breakfast, do music for few hours and then go to an office. Here I would spend most of my days helping entrepreneurs running businesses that improve life of million people and using technology to solve hard problems and reach scale. In the afternoon / evening I would spend my time with friends talking about inspiring things and planning new ways to make a positive impact on the world while having fun. Looking back, I kind of fu**ing nailed it. The only small thing that was there and has not (yet) materialised is that I would live in a big former factory which not only hosts me and my friends, but has also my office and gym and... a club. But who knows, things can still happen!

And remember…

- things take time to happen

- your vision and perfect average day will change over time as you grow. It’s perfectly fine and you don’t have to stick to your initial vision, but this exercise is very useful to create a strong pull in your subconscious toward the life you really want

- don’t be harsh with yourself if things don’t pan out just as expected. This is only a starting point and then there is much more you can do to help things materialise. Perhaps more for another post!

And always, don’t be afraid to be bad until you are good


Mike Monday: https://mikemonday.com/

Mike Monday Start Now Finish Fast (the course I mentioned I took in 2014): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6PYrD7Onbk


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