• Joseph

what we can (always) do when sh#t happens to us

Sometimes what happens to us can be negative and unexpected and throw us in a bad mood. But actually what happens outside is never in our control, and we can always choose how to act.

What if you went on a long-awaited 6-day holiday on the other side of the world and somehow a stomach bug destroyed your plans? Flaminia and I had this pleasure right on day three. The experience wasn't certainly fitting on our plans to disconnect from everything, enjoy the sun, the beach and massages while sipping cocktails and eating local food all day.

You are there enjoying your time and next thing you know your stomach is gone and you start shaking. You hold tight and make it to the next location, trying to control the nausea under the 35 degree hear. And you do! Everything seems to got back in place and yeah you make new plans for the coming days full of amazing things to do and places to chill in. And... the morning after your travel companion is agonizing worse than you.

Its the end.. you think.

And here is the thing, it's super easy in these situations to get so focused on negative shit that you have no control of. And these thoughts feed the complaints monster that is now inhabiting your mind. And what next? You miss out on living and seeing the beauty which is still (and will always be) around you as well.

In the end, we can always choose how to respond and what to focus on in any situation. Despite spending our last three days and last money in the pharmacy rather than on nice food and beaches, we managed to laugh and somehow enjoyed the moments with a smile. In hindsight, we chose to react and we chose to do it positively.

Let the events put yourself down and not only you are not solving the issue, but you are implicitly agreeing to miss out on good things. Despite what happens to you, what really matters is how you decide to act.

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