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what is your ego preventing you to see or pushing you to do?

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

I recently read this book called Ego Is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday. It’s a book about, guess? Ego! It opened up my mind to the fact that we all have an ego that can push you in the wrong direction.

Ego is basically what makes you stop considering any other voice but yours when you are successful; is also what makes you blindly take irrational decisions when you are aspiring to create something and you only see what you want to see. And is what makes you blame other people/conditions when you are failing instead of finding your way to move forward.

Few days ago, an important deal in the work I do fell apart for reasons that are beyond anyone's control. My first reaction? I thought that the universe must have decided to stop me for some mysterious reasons, throwing all my life into the dump.

My mind ‘generated’ a series of reasons why this happened to me. And I got close to start blaming other people involved. Welcome paranoia, welcome Ego.

Luckily I caught my ego right there - battling its way up to my head. In that ah-ah moment, I realised I have the choice to stop assuming to be the fucking centre of the universe and move on.

The book I mentioned, made me aware of what goes on in my mind. It opened up an inner window on the reasons of many reactions we have when our egos feel threatened or diminished.

Ego is that power that tells you to argue with a loved one for hours / days even when you have long forgotten what was the initial reason. Ego is that thing that tells you should win the argument at all costs when someone disagrees. Ego is that force that fuels your anger when shit comes your way, making you complain and re-act instead of re-plan and act your own way. Ego is that timebomb that makes you constantly compare yourself to others, that makes you take decisions not because you want, but only to feel better than others. The biggest drawback? It makes you feel separate from others.

It’s a force that often hides, but still distorts your reality for its own destructive sake.

The bad news is that it lives inside of you as well. Like it does for everyone. The good news is that by being aware and taking action to manage it, you can decide to live your life in your own terms rather than your ego terms.

Ego Is The Enemy - was the starting point for me to notice how much of your thinking goes wasted to egotistic loops and how much of your behavior is conditioned by that.

If you feel sometimes this dark force is taking over, then perhaps is time that you start fighting this enemy too.

Resources: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ego-Enemy-Ryan-Holiday/dp/1591847818

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