• Joseph

what decides what you do?

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

The other day it was raining a lot and people were freaking out. So this was in London where it rains almost every day, but everybody was running everywhere and complaining, trying to hide from the water pouring from the sky.

I was pushing a tray full of sandwiches in the middle of the roads next to Angel station (don't ask me why), when I stop at the traffic light and see this guy on the sidewalk doing a sculpture with sand. This guy is sitting there with nothing more than a little umbrella, a piece of cloth, some brushes and few stones, carving a sand sculpture under the rain. Everybody else around is stressed about the disruption and the traffic jam and he sits there patiently polishing his art under the rain.

I go and say hi and I must look confused as the guy turns to me, smiles and says 'yeah it's raining'. Full stop. Nothing more.

This man did not clearly care about the weather and rather carried on his own path of creating an amazing sculpture. Of course this was not an optimal condition, of course maybe he had better days than that, of course he could have done something else more comfortable. He could have run around complaining and letting the rain disrupt his journey like the rest of us.

And that moment I reminded myself of something. You can let anything stop you from doing what you want or you can carry on with a smile no matter what.

And here is the thing: next time your 'rain' gets in your way, take your 'umbrella' and get on with it. It's up to you my friend.

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