• Joseph

if you love or hate your life is up to you

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Today I had to stop for a moment to fully appreciate I am living in the best possible place and time I could. In the last few weeks alone I was lucky enough to spend my time doing incredible things with inspiring people.

The highlights are probably: my soulmate receiving the weirdest birthday cake, a 'witch' taking me to the cinema for the first time in 5 years, a doctor - who is also a techno noise dj - fixing my chronically stuck neck, discussing with a friend leaving her job to start a business to help people leave jobs they don't want, meeting a rocket scientist building a technology that can reinvent the way we develop any hardware, speaking with an hypnotist using magic to inspire people, being served food by a blind restaurant waiter in a messy pitch black restaurant, discussing business with a young entrepreneur who has grown his company from 3 graduate in a room to 400 people globally in 5 years, playing in the event with a lawyer who also plays industrial techno, helping a team of bankers who want to work like a startup, helping a consultant land a long-desired job in a charity, watching an artist using technology to transform movement in tangible objects and finally preparing (and soon performing) a two hour live set for an event I love and for people I love too.

Sure, I also have a long list of rejections, bad events and things that suck the same time. For instance, exactly while I was writing this message, I got to know that I won't have hot water or heating in my flat for about a week... I could easily let all of this sh## stuff suck my mental energy and put me down...and thanks, but no thanks. I will consciously stick to the great stuff and let the shitty ones flow away.

Your focus will determine the quality of your life. If you love it or it hate it it’s up to you. And I hope you will decide to feel love more than to complain.

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