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if you have a plan, a dream, a vision - the time to go for it is... now

Updated: May 1, 2019

as i progress with my journey, i realise more and more that when you do exactly what you want, the energy comes out loud and clear. and when you accept that it does not have to be for everyone, you focus on making a difference for the few for which it resonates.

we sometimes think that doing exactly what makes us happy is too hard or impossible and will take ages. we convince ourselves that we are not enough yet, and we take a longer path that should supposedly give more experience, more money, skills, contacts...

we postpone fulfilment to the day we retire. we do work to buy things that we don't need and to chase objectives that are not meaningful to us, to impress people we don't care about or to please people that have an influence on us.

but does waiting or chasing secondary avenues that may eventually get you there, really help?

the truth is, this is just another form of procrastination. and it's your fears that evoke it.

yesterday I ran an Experience in London with some of my closest friends and my label Metempsychosis. we always talk about how good would it be to have a space where we can invite every friend we like spending time with and get people from different walks of life into the same space. a space neutral so everybody can feel welcome, and also diverse where anybody can be what they want and still be exposed to something new.

a space where we can use music and arts to share a story, a concept or an idea that can hopefully help others connect and inspire them.

we always dream about how good it would be...

and we actually created it: we got a space and invited our friends. we created an experience about lucid dreaming. we created the music and teamed up with amazing friends who helped with visuals, artwork, meditation and pictures and the venue itself. we created the space we wanted and gave it all our energies to also create a moment. it was different and fresh.

it gave us the opportunity to materialize exactly what we wanted.

it has been incredible and made me think again how simple it is to do stuff when you decide you can. not 'easy', but simple when you know what you want and do what you can to make it happen. It’s not perfect, not big necessarily, not something that everybody would like, but truthful and real.

so, don't overcomplicate stuff and don’t let the big vision scare you. continue no matter what and start small, fuck it up, laugh at it, celebrate every success and failure, optimise for what is you and makes you happy. and you'll have won already. not one day maybe, not tomorrow, but now.

the 'dream' you want, is there for you - one action away.

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brilliant video from Gary Vee about not making excuses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8VBVvmJRsg (he coaches a person who is 'making up' a path to become an actor...)

Love you,


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