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how do you eat a kiwi? principles for doing things better

have you ever been exposed to someone whose way of doing something immediately helped you doing the exact thing hundred times better?

Let me elaborate this with a personal anecdote and why this principle works.

I was with a friend about to eat few kiwis. I took ownership, took a knife and grabbed 4 of them. I started peeling them one by one, carefully removing the skin trying to prevent most of the meat from coming off as well.

After almost 10 minutes I was done with three and about to get on with the next. She looked at me, laughed and asked: “what the hell are you doing with these kiwis?”. She got to the kitchen table, cut the last kiwi in half, and with a spoon scooped half of the kiwi out in no time.

I looked at her, speechless. She laughed and made fun of me. For a moment I felt stupid (did I just over complicated such a simple thing?).

But I realised this was a great learning that applies to life in general: if you get how to do things the right way, your life will be much easier and you will get much more.

How do you get to the right way? You learn from someone who does it already very well. It comes down to experience, and by asking or simply observing a master, you will leverage their experience.

When you want to crack something and make it work, or learn a new skill, find an expert who can show you. Pick the best one you can get access to and follow their lead.

If you can have a face to face interaction and practice with their help that is always better as you will experience things first hand and learn even faster. But it not, we live in a world where online resources and media help us connect virtually with anyone. You can make the most out it.

Someone said it’s better to spend one hour with a genius in your field than one month with someone who is simply good. And it’s true as you get exposure to experiences, thinking and techniques that actually work.

What skill do you want to learn better?

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