About us


We are Frank (aka: Ossa Di Mare) and Joseph (aka: End Train) and we believe that if everyone in the world did what they liked and lived to their fullest potential, we would all live having fun and creating amazing things that have a positive impact on others too.

The challenge is that to get to the life you want and fulfil your potential, it takes your every day actions, which  imply you also make a lot of mistakes. But it actually takes to keep to fu@@ing things up every day, to grow and reach your vision.

The reason why we created this blog is to share with you our fu** ups (sorry for our French!), and teachings that came out of those, which have made our lives a bit more
endurable (this is the hermeneutics part!).

We hope some of these will be useful for you and spur constructive discussion.


So, be bad until you are good.


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